The maiden edition of TEDxMinna ranked first among Minna’s past events. The most talked-about event was TEDxMinna, which was educational, inspiring, and relatable.
The concept of “Changing Mindsets” is a novel approach. People must rise with a positive perspective in the face of difficulties that require rapid solutions in the state. It has been able to reveal the state’s hidden potentials.
Most stereotypes about Niger State have been broken as a result of the event.
Originally slated on March 12th, 2020, but rescheduled to September 12th, 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic.
The event’s median edition featured the introduction of many things that had never been seen before in the state.

The public were provided a link to nominate speakers in diverse fields, after which entries were screened, and we had speakers from various fields and locations, including the United States and Dubai.

Over 50 trees were planted as part of our tree-planting operations to assist clean up the environment from the carbon footprints that the event would have left behind, such as exhaust emissions, garbage, litter, and so on. We used QR code enabled tickets, a digital program of events, and much more to reduce the usage of paper during the event as part of our environmental efforts.
The event was more than just talks; it was a thrilling experience that the audience had never had before. A variety of musicians performed, as well as a leopard display, drumming, poetry, and spoken word. We didn’t settle for the ordinary; instead, we went above and beyond to make TEDxMinna a memorable event.
The event had over 200 physical participants (college students, undergraduates, directors, CEOs, and employees), and it was streamed live, with over 600 virtual attendees from all walks of life and schools; this added to the excitement of the event because you don’t have to be in Minna to participate.
To be honest, without the help of enterprises like Daily Newspaper, Bilad Reality, family, Raise Foundation, Kere Ahmed Foundation, Mainstream Foundation, friends, volunteers, and well-wishers, it would have been an average event.
TEDxMinna is expected to become an annual event for great minds to network, uncover emerging trends, and the most cutting-edge innovation in a variety of fields.
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3 thoughts on “TEDxMINNA MAIDEN EDITION- 2020”

  1. TEDx MINNA is an event worth attending,not only would you gain alot,you would meet people from different works of life and the connection made are life long.

  2. An opportunity no 1 would want to miss out as alot will be achieved.
    Come and experience the power of one voice….
    I’ll be there too

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