2020 Speakers


Principal Consultant and Founder - Karfi

Seun Shokunbi is Brooklyn raised, Nigerian bred and seeks to connect her diaspora community with their native roots to spark a generational revolution in Africa. Her work with Karfi, a consulting and leadership development firm, and its charitable arm the Karfi Foundation, tackles the issue of untapped talent among youth and the most marginalized communities in Africa. She strongly believes that democratizing the entrepreneurial space is vital to Africa’s economic development. That means empowering any and all, regardless of wealth, status or geography, with the resources and tools needed to lead and succeed. Seun is also a published writer and public speaker. Her work appears multiple times in Face2Face Africa and on her personal Medium publication on the topics of business, marketing, and international development. She was also a 2019 Women of Inspiration honouree for the Corporate Counsel Women of Colour, a keynote speaker at several colleges and universities, and has presented at events such as Startup Week San Diego and the Tamer Centre’s Social Enterprise Conference at Columbia Business School. She earned a B.A. in English and Communications from Fordham University in New York City, then moved to London to complete a Master’s degree in International Management (magna cum laude) at SOAS, University of London, focusing on human capital development in the Middle East and North Africa. Her career involves 9+ years of work as an educator, data manager, writer, and consultant.

Mrs Aminat Jummai Gimba

co-founder of Farid Foundation

Mrs Aminat Jummai Gimba is the co-founder of Farid Foundation and The Farid Centre, where she offers counselling facilities to parents and people with special needs. She holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Usmanu DanFodio University Sokoto. She also speaks fluent English, Nupe and Hausa and is a fantastic “people’s person” and tireless mobiliser. She has worked at the Museums and Monuments Department, Ministry of Information and Culture Minna, Niger State, and has also volunteered as an English teacher at The Therapeutic Daycare Centre, Abakpa Nike, Enugu State, Nigeria. The Farid Centre was founded with the aim of sensitizing and enlightening parents, guardians, family members and other caregivers, to the ways that therapeutic care can make a difference in the lives of people living with special needs; and by so doing giving comfort and succour to those affected. Mrs Gimba is a strong and passionate advocate for the rights of people with disabilities, especially in a society where there is still a lot of stigma around such issues. The advocacy of The Farid Centre involves dismantling these stereotypes and prejudices in the wider community, thereby, advocating not just for the needs of the disabled child, but for their rights as well. This has put Aunty Jummai (as she is fondly called by everyone in Minna) at the forefront of not just the development of different novel strategies, but also the implementation of appropriate programmes to enhance their qualities of life, through a unique mix of theory and praxis. The Farid Centre puts together regular awareness seminars and workshops to this regard; and also offers schooling opportunities and respite care for children with special needs.

Aminu Ndakogi Kanko

Rice Farmer and Youth Leader in Commodity Agricultural Forum

Aminu Ndakogi Kanko is rural rice farmer from Kanko town in Wushishi local government area of Niger State. He has over 20 years’ experience in rice farming if you include the trips he made to the farm with his parents, as a young boy. With rice farming, Aminu has been able to acquire 2 houses, in fact in his community they call him ‘young millionaire’. He grew up farming from age 3. Being a computer science graduate who was seeking a government job which was not forthcoming he had to go back to his ancestral practice of farming and fishing. Farming at that time was seen as a poor man’s business and was not appealing, now he is a full-time rice producer, paddy aggregator, youth leader, a champion farmer and a motivator. The Pinnacle of his life is making millions from Agribusiness. The worst moments of his life was searching for a white-cola job which was not available due to the Country’s Economy. The Turning Point in his life was his encounter with IFAD-Value Chain Development Programme (VCDP). Capacity building and exposures received that changed his orientation about life, especially about rice farming. The biggest challenge was struggling to eat good food, cloth and provide shelter for himself. Sponsoring himself in the tertiary institution was also a difficult task. The breakthrough came when he embraced Agriculture as a business. It is the key to his success stories. Awarded VCDP’s Best Rice Farmer in Niger State Also awarded as VCDP’s best Youth Champion Farmer. He has increased the yield of rice from 2mt/ha to 6.5mt/ha and is earning N2.5m from 3-cycles of rice production per annum. There is an improved livelihood for him and his family. He is married, with 2 children, built 2- bedroom flat, sponsored his wife to school, bought a motorcycle and can eat three square meals daily.

Fatimah Dattijo Muhammad

AGM Legal and Regulatory Services - Phase 3 Telecoms

Fatimah Dattijo Muhammad is Assistant General Manager Legal and Regulatory Services Phase 3 Telecoms Abuja. She is a versatile young professional who has obtained significant experience and practical knowledge in Litigation, Alternative dispute resolution, debt recovery and commercial transactions. She is an associate member with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (UK), an Associate Member of the Institute of Chartered Mediators and Conciliators Nigeria, a member of the Nigerian Bar Association and the International Bar Association (IBA). She has advised notable government parastatals, individuals and multinational companies on debt recovery, commercial transactions and Intellectual property laws. Her innovative and enthusiastic approach towards legal practice and academic development resulted in ground-breaking research and contributions to the Global legal Insights Group on Corporate Recovery and insolvency laws, Energy Laws and regulations and Oil and Gas Laws and regulations in Nigeria between 2017 - 2019. She Co-authored an article on Pro bono activities in Nigeria published by the International Bar Association in 2017 and served as a panellist at the IBA Young Lawyers Training in 2018 discussing Cross-border Mergers and Acquisition. She was a panellist during the Nigerian Bar Association - Section on Business Law Annual General Conference debate discussing the Path to partnership in June 2019 and a Session Coordinator during the 4th African International Conference on Islamic Finance in November 2019. Fatimah is currently enrolled at Baze University Abuja as a post-graduate student seeking to obtain her master’s degree in Law.

Hamza Yunusa

Founder/CEO - Hydronamics LTD

Hamza Yunusa is a Microbiologist and innovator from Minna, Niger State. He co-founded Nazarion Technologies and is currently the Founder and CEO at Hydronamics LTD where he works full time. Hydronamics is an Abuja based company which uses cutting-edge technologies like IoT, Artificial intelligence and more recently Robotics, to develop solutions in the water sector. Hamza is extremely passionate about water, he believes in its mysteriousness and is inspired by its fluidity. Hamza has so far invented the Filter-X360, a water purification system which leverages ultrafiltration technology to remove bacteria, viruses and protozoans from any given sample of water. He hopes his invention would help reduce the alarming rate of morbidity and mortality which is widespread across rural communities in Nigeria and Africa at large. He has also recently built the WBPS-100 with his team. The WBPS is a smart water meter which records water usage data and democratizes access to water consumption data to both utilities and consumers alike. The invention is poised to reduce water losses through the deployment of leakage detection systems and also bars access to non-revenue water. He hopes that this smart water meter would empower water utilities to generate more revenue and therefore expand their services to underserved areas. This would reduce the need for the incessant drilling of boreholes which renders the environment susceptible to natural disasters. After his Bachelor’s Degree in Microbiology from Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, he proceeded to study Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where he earned a certificate in New Ventures Leadership. He was selected for the course based on the following criteria; initiative with follow-through, critical thinking, capacity for calculated risk and focus on community. As only five per cent of those who apply globally get admission, Hamza set a record as the only Nigerian that qualified for the course in 2018 and has also gone down in history as the first person to recite poetry at the MIT Bootcamps. He also recently represented Nigeria at the just concluded UNLEASH Innovation Labs in Shenzhen, China. There, he teamed up with other innovators from across the world where they designed a remote-collaborative borehole monitoring system. It is a device installed in boreholes that helps track its functionality in real-time. It sends a signal to a dashboard whenever the borehole malfunctions, with specific details regarding what part or component inside borehole has broken down. Their ultimate goal with this is to reduce the downtime of water supply infrastructure in rural areas so as to more efficiently combat the menace of water scarcity. Hamza is a writer of fictional short stories and poetry and has been published from JSS 3. He is an ardent lover of books and a tireless adventurer. He is passionate about nature, renewable energy, social enterprises and technology. He plays basketball during his spare time and mentors upcoming entrepreneurs from across the country

Mustapha Ndajiwo

Executive Director - African Centre for Tax and Governance

Mustapha Ndajiwo is the Executive Director of the African Centre for Tax and Governance. He is a tax policy expert of international repute who previously worked at the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) of Nigeria for 8 years. While at the FIRS, he worked in tax audit, taxpayer education, tax policy research and development, government business tax and filing debt and arrears. Since leaving the government, Mustapha has worked as a tax policy consultant, consulting for reputable organisations such as the Tax Justice Network based in London, the International Centre for Tax and Development (ICTD) UK, the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Public Service International (PSI) based in Paris, and the German Development Cooperation (GIZ) among others. Mustapha has also taken part in NORAD, DFID and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded projects. Mustapha has trained and facilitated at local and international workshops such as the Tax Justice Academy, Capacity building program for African Parliament members on Illicit Financial Flows, African Tax Administration Forum Workshops and more. Participants of these workshops include parliament members, civil society organisations, officials of ministries of finance and tax authorities. Mustapha is widely published, he has written and presented papers on tax policy at ATAF high-level policy dialogue, Pan African Conference on Illicit Financial Flows, International Centre for Tax and Development (UK) annual meeting, Nigerian Tax Research Network annual conference and many other local and international conferences. His research topics include taxing rights, tax incentives/expenditure, illicit financial flows, international taxation, digitalisation and many others. Mustapha holds a BSc in Economics from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, a Masters in Tax Policy and Tax Administration from the Berlin School of Economics and Law and is currently completing a PhD (Taxation and Digitalisation) at the University of South Africa. Mustapha is a member of the Chartered Institute of Taxation in Nigeria and the BEPS Monitoring Group. Mustapha is a board member of the African Centre for Tax and Governance and an advisory board member of the Bill and Melinda Gates funded Nigerian Tax Research Network. Mustapha has experience in government, civil society and academia.

King Sarki Zamani Halita

Boma Ilamina-Eremie

Multimedia Content Developer

Boma Ilamina-Eremie is a multimedia content developer. In well over a decade, he has lent his talents to projects deployed locally and internationally on television, radio and the internet. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Nigeria and is currently working towards an MSC in Organizational Psychology at UNICAF University. He cut his teeth as a performer in Wetin Dey, a HIV/AIDS awareness television drama powered by the then BBC World Service Trust (now BBC Action Media). In the years that followed, he served as Creative Lead on several music video projects for Seun, an Abuja based music artist. Boma has also served as Content Creator for several media outfits including SONBIM Nigeria Ltd., Belz360 Media, Sphinx Entertainment and Zebra Media. In 2014, he was part of the Zebra Media team that produced the documentary, “Development Financing: Past, Present and Future” for the Development Finance Department, Central Bank of Nigeria. Over the years he has honed his skills as a writer and has contributed to several projects in varying capacities. From 2014 to 2017 he served as writer, voice talent and assistant producer with Flint Productions Nigeria on PURPLE TINZ, a public enlightenment radio series targeted at teenagers. Between 2015 and 2017, he was part of the writers team for The Johnsons, a Native Media production for Africamagic. Boma has two feature films to his credit, 2 Grannies and A Baby (as writer) and A Break from Reality (as writer and director). he also had a brief stint developing viral web content with Fabiosa, a Wikr Group subsidiary. After an almost decade long hiatus from performance, Boma returned to the stage in Future-Ex Mrs. Akpena (2017) and then in Julius Ceasar (2019), both with 2MG Theatre. He is currently starring in a television drama called Halita, an Mnet Original TV series in Abuja, Nigeria, and continues to explore the limitless opportunities that the creative industry offers. This includes writing for Shade's Stories, an animated television show for children by Zenafri. Away from work, Boma is a tech enthusiast and still finds time for the occasional pencil portrait or two.

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